Liz Salvatore

ā€œIā€™m passionate about really understanding my clients’ current situation, and helping them plan and achieve the lifestyle they want.ā€

– Liz Salvatore, Finance Broker

Liz Salvatore is a solution-focussed finance broker with a passion for helping people reach their lifestyle goals, whether that be to secure the house of their dreams, buy a new car or boat, or to make the next move in their business.

With a whole of life philosophy, Liz aims to really understand your current situation and plans for the future to ensure she can provide lending solutions that best meets your individual needs.

Her background in event, project, finance management and business development coupled with financial training in mortgage and finance means Liz is diligent in identifying solutions and is able to quickly overcome any challenges along the way.

Liz also understands that life can throw us curve balls when we least expect it – sometimes good ones and sometimes not so good. What this can mean is that your finance needs will change over time.

A first home purchase may soon require a renovation for an expanding family; You may need to equity release funds against your home for a wedding, major holiday, car purchase, to start or grow your business, cover medical or other bills, or to re-establish yourself after a divorce. Or perhaps the receipt of an inheritance provides the opportunity for you to expand an investment portfolio.

Whatever your goals or situation, Bay Life Lending will source a solution that can grow and adapt with you, all while simplifying the process so that everything runs as smoothly as possible – offering you peace of mind from the very start.

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